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True North Schooner 2-8 Person Outdoor Barrel Sauna

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Wood Type

This beautiful barrel sauna is handmade in Ontario, Canada. It has been developed for outdoor use in nature and can withstand any weather. It is available various lengths.  You can select an optional 2' porch (which decreases inside length). Different window options are available and you can choose if you want a wood stove or an electric heater inside. Sauna comes as a kit that requires assembly


  • 3 wood options: 
    • Pine- Best value for cost sensitive buyers.
    • White Cedar- slightly stronger and almost as resistant to rot and decay as red cedar, and has a beautiful light colored finish.
    • Red Cedar- naturally weather and insect resistant, gives off a pleasant and recognizable scent, and is aesthetically attractive.
  • Comes standard with roof membrane & 2nd layer of roof boards
  • Fascia boards to protect the end grain of the barrel wood
  • 2 premium benches for sitting and reclining
  • Partially pre-assembled construction with built-in venting holes
  • Also Includes: 3 peg towel hanger, Vent kit and cover, Screws for assembly, Flat floor, Door handles, Glass door, Benches
  • Optional front and rear windows
  • Optional porch which decreases inside space accordingly. Total length remains the same.


  • Seats: 6'(2-4 people), 8'(4-6 people), 9'(6-8 people), 10'(6-8 people) 
  • Lengths: 6', 8', 9' and 10' options (includes porch if spec'd)
  • Height: 6.6ft
  • Wood: Pine, White Cedar, or Red Cedar
  • Walls: 1.55" thick solid wood
  • Door: Wood-framed glass
  • Heating Time: ~30 minutes depending on outside temp
  • Made in: Canada


Heater not included.

Harvia M3 Wood Burning Heater

Wood burning heaters are a great option if you have access to firewood & want to avoid running electrical to sauna.  They provide a traditional sauna feel.

Harvia 8kW Electric Heater w/ built-in controls 

The most popular electric heater for this sauna. Electric Heaters are the most convenient.  Just set and forget.  They hold a consistent temperature and use no more energy than your clothes dryer or oven.  It draws 33 amps @ 240V.

    True North Saunas

    True North Schooner 2-8 Person Outdoor Barrel Sauna

    From $5,150.00 $7,923.00

    Wood Type

    • Pine
    • White Cedar
    • Red Cedar


    • 6'
    • 8'
    • 9'
    • 10'


    • With Porch
    • Without Porch


    Barrel Sauna

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