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Tru Grit Fitness Wood Plyo Box 3-in-1


The flat packed 3-in-1 Tru Grit Competition Wooden Plyo Box is built to help you surpass your fitness goals. Improve your box jumps, step ups, box step overs or any ploymetric training with this plyo box. Construction-grade plywood has sanded edges to help prevent scraped shins on missed jumps. Featuring interlocking joints for easy assembly which provide added structure strength and stability. The dimensions of the plyo box offers you three different height options depending on how it's flipped.

Construction-grade plywood

High-quality plywood has sanded edges for a smooth feel.

Sturdy construction

Interlocking joints create a strong, stable base for plyometric exercise. The two larger sizes also have internal reinforcement.

Built to last

Tru Grit Competition Wooden Plyo boxes are constructed for the long haul.

Our 3-in-1 plyometric competition box is made of construction-grade 3/4" plywood and the 4 available boxes measure 30" x 24" x 20". CNC machined for a perfect fit every time. The edges are sanded down to prevent scrapes on missed jumps. Unique interlocking joints and reinforced internal structure on the 2 larger boxes greatly increases the strength of the wooden workout box and reduces the number of screws needed to assemble.

Features & Specifications

  • Complete plyometric box assembly within 10 minutes.
  • Construction-grade 3/4" plywood with sanded edges
  • Measurement 30"x 24"x 20"
  • Interlocking joints with internal reinforcement on the two largest boxes
  • Strong and sturdy for all workouts
  • Each box each provides 3 different height options
  • Easy to assemble within 10 minutes
  • Sold individually

Flat packed to save on shipping cost.

Tru Grit Fitness

Tru Grit Fitness Wood Plyo Box 3-in-1



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