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Stroops Resistance 90 Band

Color: Black

The Resistance 90 Band is the core piece of our Resistance 90 system, optimized by Slastix resistance band technology for safety and durability. Use it with an accessory you’ve already purchased, or use it freestyle to work out anywhere, anytime.

The Band is made using Stroops’ patented safety sleeve elastic technology, known as Slastix resistance bands. Use this band with our Spine Strap, or a foam door anchor, or with any other anchoring accessory you’ve already purchased.

The Resistance 90 Band ranges from Very Light to Very Heavy (10-30 pounds). We offer five resistance levels flexible with your preferred intensity so you can get a good workout regardless of your fitness level. With our five main weight options, the color of the handle straps is designated by the weight and color of the band.

At the core of Stroops is our mission of safety and longevity in every product. We know that the market for resistance bands is dominated by what we call “naked tubing,” bands that have no protection from external damage and present a danger to an athlete when snaps inevitably happen.

In addition to that, hyper-extension is the most common culprit leading to weakened and broken bands. With a Resistance 90 Band, the safety sleeve protecting the tubing also prevents it from extending further than a safe distance, so you can get a good workout optimizing your band’s resistance while keeping it going strong in future workouts.

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Stroops Resistance 90 Band




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