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Stroops Loop

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The Slastix Loop is a versatile, lightweight resistance band that you can use for warmups, mobility, or a full-body workout. Made with Stroops’ original Slastix resistance bands, it’s an on-the-go workout for your legs, arms, and core that you can take anywhere.

The Slastix Loop is one of the most portable and easy-to-use resistance bands you can find. It’s a 28” continuous loop bound together so that you can wrap it around your body.

The Loop is made with Stroops innovative design for safety sleeve elastic resistance bands—Slastix. The Slastix resistance band is protected from external damage for a much longer life, and the sleeve helps reduce irritation from the band being around your legs and arms.

To better suit your fitness level, the Slastix Loop comes in all five of our standard weights, ranging from Very Light (10 pounds) to Very Heavy (30) pounds. The tag on your band identifies its weight with a corresponding color, also designated by the color of the band itself.

Slastix was invented in 1998 to provide an all-in-one solution to the problems associated with “naked tubing”—the term for elastic bands that have no protection from damage during exercise.Slastix resistance bands, including the Slastix Loop, have a protective sleeve around the band to keep it safe from external damage. It also avoids hyper-extension, one of the most damaging effects on a band, by limiting its stretch capacity before it maxes out, so you can still get the most out of it without shortening its life.

The Loop is a versatile exercise tool that you can use to work out nearly any muscle group or part of your body. It’s a perfect solution for adding resistance to leg extensions, glute exercise, and squats. You can also use it for bow rows to strengthen your arms and back.

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