Stroops Slastix

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Slastix resistance bands are the staple in Stroops fitness training. Our patented safety sleeve elastic technology ensures a safe workout and infinitely extends the life of your band. With multiple weight and length options available, don’t just use your resistance band, invest in it with Slastix.

Slastix resistance bands are designed for the purpose of keeping you safe during your workout by adding a safety sleeve to the outside of every band to shield it from damage and prevent breakage.

As an unprotected band wears down from use, it is liable to snap, and that will likely happen mid-session, potentially harming you or others around you.

“Naked tubing”—elastic tubing left uncovered—leaves the band exposed to damage from use. Unprotected tubing is also liable for hyperextension, sharply decreasing the life of your band.

Slastix solves all your problems with a single, high-quality product. The safety sleeve elastic band is protected from external damage. It also allows you to extend your band as far as you need while stopping it from extending beyond a safe limit. Even if the band does break, it’s safely concealed within the sleeve, protecting you from harm, so you can exercise with confidence that your band can work just as hard as you.

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Stroops Slastix

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  • 12"
  • 24"
  • 36"
  • 48"
  • 72"



  • Very Light - 10 lbs
  • Light - 15 lbs
  • Medium - 20 lbs
  • Heavy- 25 lbs
  • Very Heavy - 30 lbs


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