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The ROPEFLEX RX505 rope training drum is for those seeking a full-body workout that's both safe and effective. Based on the time-proven principles of rope climbing, our machine reduces the risk of injury to nearly zero, making it the perfect choice for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities.

Constructed from high-quality 11-gauge steel and finished with a durable polymer-based powder coat, our RX505 rope training drum is designed to withstand the rigors of even the toughest workout regimes. With a weight of 18 pounds and dimensions of 11" diameter, 8" depth, and 83" height, this machine is compact enough to fit in any home gym while still offering a full range of motion for your workout.

The RX505 rope training drum features our unique friction-based technology, which allows for a comfortable and secure grip on the rope during exercise, while limiting friction and reducing the risk of slipping. With a maximum resistance of up to ~200LB of friction, our rope training drum offers the perfect challenge for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike.

When you choose ROPEFLEX, you're choosing a 100% made in the USA product that's both durable and maintenance-free. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve your cardio, or simply enjoy a fun and challenging workout, the ROPEFLEX RX505 rope training drum is the perfect fitness solution for you.

RX1500 offers a standalone frame for the RX505 and can be selected as a single or dual station for group training. It allows 12 position vertical adjustment of the RX505 head, has minimal footprint and is ADA compliant.



  • Friction rope drum with adjustable resistance up to ~200LB of friction
  • Durable, maintenance-free, compact and light-weight design
  • Weight: 18LB
  • Diameter: 11”
  • Depth: 8”
  • Height: 83”
  • Construction: 11 Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coating


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  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

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  • Black
  • Burgundy

J-Hook Adapter

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  • Yes


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