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Designed to shatter your definition of what a workout is, just one session on this machine will inspire you to reach new fitness heights.

With a one-of-a-kind engineering, the RX4400 combines the trusted progressive resistance technology of ROPEFLEX with the ultra-effective cardiovascular benefits of an integrated incline treadmill, providing a workout that's both challenging and fun.

The RX4400 is designed to suit users of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Its unique combination of ergonomic, natural, and functional movements, low-impact weight-bearing incline training, and continuous resistance provides a full range of motion without the risk of high-impact training. The machine's modular design accommodates independent use of the treadmill or rope exercise, making it just as effective for separate cardio or resistance training as it is for the ultimate combination of both.

"bold new alternative to the monotony of traditional exercise"

With a weight of 360 pounds and dimensions of 67" length, 30" width, and 90" height (top of the machine), the RX4400 is built to last. Its frame is constructed from 2.5"x2.5" and 4"x3" 11 gauge steel, ensuring durability and stability during even the toughest workouts. The machine is also designed for easy positioning by a single person, thanks to its 4-wheel retractable system.

The RX4400 features ROPEFLEX's signature progressive resistance technology, which automatically adjusts resistance from 30lbs up to 450lbs based on pulling speed and intensity. The resistance on the tread belt is independent of the rope pulling drum and adjusts progressively based on intensity. The machine's adjustable incline angle allows you to challenge yourself at a 50° or go extreme with the 60° configuration, giving you the ultimate workout experience.

The RX4400 comes with a hand-crafted rope that provides a comfortable and secure grip during exercise. Made from durable and pliable polyester weave, the rope is soft on hands and easy to clean. It's available in black or burgundy-black colors, allowing you to customize your machine to fit your style.

Take your fitness to the next level with the ROPEFLEX RX4400. Its striking design is a call to action; a bold new alternative to the monotony of traditional exercise. With the machine's innovative features, such as the HIPERVISION system, an interactive training system for club members, group training, and individuals available as an add-on, the RX4400 is the ultimate fitness solution for anyone looking to challenge themselves and reach new heights of fitness.




Component Warranty Period
Frame (excluding coatings) 10 years
Structural parts 10 years
Mechanical Parts 3 years
Bearings 3 years
Labor 1 year
Electronics 1 year
Rope 6 months
Upholstery / Accessories 6 months




Frame Color

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Red

Rope Color

  • Black Rope
  • Burgundy Rope


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