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ROPEFLEX RX3300 - Black Frame / Black Rope is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

ROPEFLEX RX3300, the ultimate rope pulling machine that seamlessly integrates lower and upper body functional movement to maximize efficiency and fun. With its unique design and advanced features, the RX3300 VORTEX delivers a challenging, safe, and effective workout that will transform the way you exercise.

  • Dual-Drum Design: The RX3300 features two drums located on opposite ends for a complete, full-body workout experience.
  • Adjustable Incline: Challenge yourself by adjusting the incline/decline angle, quickly switching from upper to lower body exercises with the help of 2 independent rope head mechanisms.
  • Sliding Seat or Adjustable Lock Positions: Get the added benefit of a moving seat for a twice as effective workout in half the time.
  • Progressive Resistance Technology: The RX3300 features Progressive Resistance technology that automatically optimizes the difficulty level to adjust to the specific needs of each user, each workout, every time.
  • Continuous Resistance: With continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance, the RX3300 can be utilized equally effectively for cardiovascular as well as strength training.
  • Dual-LCD Displays: The machine features two independent LCD displays that track time, speed (ft/min), and distance (total feet pulled), giving you real-time feedback on your workout.
  • HiperVision System: HiperVision training system for club members, group training, and individuals is also available as an add-on.
  • Compact and Versatile: With a weight of 160LB, a length of 68”, a width of 28”, and a height of 54” (at Max Incline), this machine is compact enough to fit in any home gym while still offering a full range of motion for your workout.
  • Durable Construction: The machine's frame is constructed from 2.5”x2.5” 11 Gauge Steel, ensuring maximum durability and stability.

Transform your fitness routine with the ROPEFLEX RX3300. Whether you're looking to improve your strength or cardio, the RX3300 is the perfect fitness solution for you. With its unique combination of benefits and features, this machine delivers a challenging, safe, and effective workout that will transform the way you exercise.



  • Made in the USA
  • Progressive Resistance
  • Weight: 160LB
  • Length: 68”
  • Width: 28”
  • Height: 54” (at Max Incline)
  • Incline Angle: 5 - 30 Degrees
  • Frame: 2.5”x2.5” 11 Gauge Steel
  • Dual-Drum, adjustable incline rope pulling machine
  • Lower and upper body workout in one machine
  • Sliding seat or adjustable lock positions
  • Continuously adjusting Progressive Resistance
  • Variable height adjustment



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