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Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill


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Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Treadmill

You're probably wondering with so many non-motorized treadmills out there, what makes ours the best manual treadmill?

Find your stride and fine tune your running form with the Tru Grit Runner. Simple and highly effective the Grit Runner is the market leader in self-powered treadmills. Manually operated with a cordless LCD screen, the Grit Runner provides a challenging workout compared to electric treadmills. Reach your goals in no time using the six levels of resistance that range from a lite resistance to intense sled push replication. Track your calories, distance, interval time all from a battery-powered LCD display that lets you track your progress. It's the closest to running outside you can get without leaving your home gym or basement.

Curved Manual Runner Treadmill features a commercial-grade steel and aluminum frame, making it one of the most durable runners available. Time, distance, calories, speed, tempo, and watts are all displayed on the battery-powered LCD display. From zero to the equivalent of uphill interval exercise, these curved treadmills are motor-less, cordless, and self-propelled. Look no farther than the Grit Runner, a non-motorized treadmill to help you train throughout the chilly winter season, the hot summer months, or to simply change up your treadmill exercise routine.

Disclaimer: Level 1-2 Run, Level 3-4 Walk, Level 5-6 Push Sled


  • Material: Grade steel and aluminum frame
  • Promotes form and balance: Quick strides cadence, mid-foot & toe strike
  • Battery powered LCD display: time, distance, pace, speed, calories, and interval training modes
  • Design: Motor-less belt
  • Weight Capacity: up to 400 LB

Tru Grit Fitness

Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill




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