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First Degree Fitness Newport AR Plus Rowing Machine


The FluidRower Newport AR Plus is one of the top sellers in the home gym category. This water rowing machine is suitable for all fitness levels, amateur to pro. If you are searching for a good looking, functional piece of fitness equipment that can offer an all-round total body workout, the Newport AR Plus Indoor Rower is perfect. Designed with a slender, sporty black frame that underpins a smooth and durable slide on the leg, this indoor rower offers a low impact, intuitive movement at an affordable price point. If you love a fitness challenge you will appreciate FDF’s patented twin tank with Variable Fluid Resistance Technology that ensures no dead spots throughout each stroke. Delivering a broad range of rowing resistance levels, the Newport AR Plus Reserve will inspire you to push your limits while experiencing the sight, sound, and feel of real on-water rowing. Cardio at home has never been so simple, the built-in transit wheels make the Newport AR Plus Indoor Rower simple to move around and store away in the vertical position when finished.


Newport AR Plus Tank

Adjustable Fluid Resistance, from feather-light to Olympic sprint at the turn of a dial.

No dead spots. Unique triple bladed impeller and baffled tank internals deliver instant catch and consistent resistance throughout the whole stroke.

Newport AR Plus Monitor

Multi-level computer complete with USB port. Display shows: time, distance, 500M split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts and heart rate.

Newport AR Plus Footboard

Height adjustable footplates and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.

Newport AR Plus Handle

Durable belt drive – smooth, clean, quiet and again maintenance free.

Deluxe ergonomic design allows a comfortable grip and minimized strain on forearms, wrists, and hands.

Newport AR Plus Frame

Exquisite powder-coated highly durable steel frame.

Simplified assembly in less than 15 minutes and virtually maintenance-free.

Newport AR Plus Specs

Upright Storage – (77" Tall x 21" Deep x 20″ Wide)

Product size – L (77″) x W (21″) x H (20″)

Max User Weight – 150kg (300lb)

Product Weight- 60lbs

How Does FluidRower Twin Tank Technology Work?

At the core of all FDF FluidROWERS is our patented Twin Tank technology, providing several distinct levels of Fluid Resistance regardless of the speed you row at. Our Twin Tank technology comprises the inner, passive (or holding) tank and the outer, active (or resistance) tank.

When you select a high level, water will flow from the passive holding tank to the active resistance tank as you begin to exercise, and you will experience the smooth fluid resistance, no matter what your speed.

Conversely, if you select a low level, the water will be transferred away from the active resistance tank and back into the passive holding tank, lowering the resistance. You can even make adjustments on the fly to find a load that is just right for your fitness training.

Depending on the FluidRower model each will incorporate either a 4 or 5 level adjustable Fluid Resistance Horizontal Tank. The Maximum resistance on Level 4 or Level 5 is the same; the only variation is the resistance increments between the levels. Level 4 or 5 FDF Horizontal Twin Tanks each has 17 litres of Fluid Resistance available.

Level 1 – 25% / level 2 – 50% / level 3 – 75% / level 4 – 100%

FDF’s patented adjustable Fluid Resistance technology creates a challenging rowing workout for any fitness level. It allows the user to change the rowing resistance by a simple adjustment of the lever to your desired level, even mid-workout. The level of resistance can vary from feather light to Olympic challenge. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or you are a professional athlete, our fluid resistance rowers have been designed and engineered to provide a challenging, smooth, full body workout that can be adjusted to suit your training requirements.

The water in our active resistance tank acts as a brake to hold back the multi-bladed impeller, the more water in the active resistance tank the higher the braking effect. The water in the active tank isn’t all staying in the active tank during the exercise (at any level), some of it is always being cycled through the passive holding tank. As you attempt to generate more power by increasing your speed, the water cycles faster between the Twin Tanks at a greater and greater rate to maintain a consistent amount of water in the tanks. This creates such a unique smooth action and at virtually any speed.

Air resistance works in a similar way, however the variation in the load that is possible by restricting air flow to an impeller does not create distinctly different levels of resistance, this is very obvious at low speeds.

At high speeds, the two mediums, water and air, start to feel similar except for one very crucial difference that makes adjustable Fluid Resistance so unique. When rowing, the drive phase is followed by a recovery phase, during the recovery phase air does not provide the braking force that the water in our tanks does. At the catch or beginning of the next drive phase, the air machine impeller has higher momentum and that creates the soft or no load pick up that you feel at the catch.

Essentially the resistance on an air machine can not be felt again until your speed catches up to the flywheel and you start to apply a greater force against which the air will resist. These differences are so easy for you to test for yourself, compare an FDF FluidRower against any air or water based rowing machine and you will quickly see why our patented Twin Tank Fluid Resistance system is so different; the firm catch, the smooth stroke and the consistent load, that all come together in the FluidRower.


  • Metal Frame - 10 Year Warranty
  • Polycarbonate Tank and Seal- 3 Year Warranty
  • All Other components- 2 Year Warranty
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