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Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi Station Home Gym with VKR30 Vertical Knee Raise Attachment Package


If you are looking for a complete package home gym that has been a tried and true staple in the industry for decades then the EXM3000LPS with VKR9 attachment is for you. It sets the original standard for what a complete home gym should be while being a cost effective choice. With the added VKR30 attachment you are expanding the possibilities of what exercises can be done with your EXM3000 home gym, offering even more options in your daily workout choice.

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1. EXM3000LPS Two Stack Home Gym

2. VKR9 Vertical Knee Raise Attachment

EXM3000LPS vs. EXM3000LPS with VKR9 Attachment
As a base package the EXM3000LPS comes as a two stack home gym, fit for 2 users, with 3 stations and 7 functions for working out. Each weight stack is 210lbs. The 7 Functions include: Multi-Press Station, Leg Press/Calf Station, Perfect Pec Station, Lat Pull Down/ High Pulley Station, Ab Crunch/ Mid Pulley Station, Lex Extension/ Leg Curl Station, Seat Row/ Low Pulley Station.

With the added VKR30 Knee Raise Attachment your EXM3000LPS becomes a 3 user home gym fit with 4 stations available for training. This means more space for you and/or a partner to train, as well as more options for how you can train, making for endless workout movement possibilities and a fully customizable workout session straight from home every time. The 8 functions of this package include the 7 listed above as well as a Knee Raise/ Dip Station.

For more detailed information click here: EXM3000LPS Home Gym & VKR30 Attachment

Your EXM3000LPS with VKR9 Attachment comes complete with both an extensive Commercial Rated Warranty as well as a LIFETIME In-Home Warranty. This means 100% coverage for every part on every piece of equipment, including normal wear items. Forever... period. Body-Solid sets the standard for Warranty coverage in the Industry. There is nothing that beats this lifetime promise and commitment to the quality of their products. Your purchase is backed for life!



: 90" L x 82" W x 83.5" H
Weight: 947lbs

40"L x 23"W x 77.5"H
Weight: 52lbs

EXM3000LPS with VKR30 TOTAL Dimensions: 90" L x 104” W x 83.5” H

About Body Solid

Why Body-Solid?


Body-Solid fitness equipment features materials and component parts made with the highest quality and durability available:

All Body-Solid frames feature continuous, four side welded construction instead of the typical 2-side welds that have become common in the industry.

DuraFirm Pads: Our exclusive DuraFirm Pads are tear-resistant, extra-thick and ultra comfortable. We use the highest density foam in the industry for a lifetime of support without bottoming out.

Finish: An electrostatically applied powder coat finish protects all Body-Solid fitness equipment. This is the same process used on industrial machinery because of it's durability. It resists cracking, chipping and corrosion and makes cleaning a breeze.

Pulley's & Cables: Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys are precision-matched to our cable diameter and revolve on seated ball bearings that never need maintenance and provide a lifetime of friction-free performance.


All Body-Solid Home Gyms come backed with either a comprehensive Commercial Warranty OR a LIFETIME In-Home Warranty... And most often times they come with BOTH. The Lifetime In-Home Warranty provides 100% coverage for every part, on every piece of equipment, including normal wear items. Forever.

There is no other brand in the industry that matches this level of Warranty coverage. Body-Solid truly offers the Best Warranty in the Business proving that they believe in the quality of their equipment and the care that has gone into producing equipment that is both thoughtfully functional as well as lifetime durable.



    Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi Station Home Gym with VKR30 Vertical Knee Raise Attachment Package



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