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20KG Comp Barbell Black Zinc Coated


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Competition Weightlifters, serious athletes and anyone who just wants to get stronger will appreciate the quality of this Olympic barbell. Made of industrial-grade steel, it has a tensile strength of 205,000 psi, so you can load it up with complete confidence. Its rigidity limits whip for stability in squats, deadlift and bench press. The precision knurl pattern is grippy without being abrasive, providing a solid grip during heavy squat sessions.

Black zinc finish

The bar shaft's durable, black-coated zinc finish is corrosion resistant and has a comfortable hand feel even when using a hook grip.

Industrial-strength steel

The tensile strength of a barbell is the most important measure of its durability. This barbell's 28mm diameter steel shaft has a tensile strength of 205,000 psi, making it one of the strongest bars out there.

10 Needle bearings

10 needle bearings offer smooth, consistent rotation on technical lifts like snatch and clean and jerks.

Weighted at 20KG Olympic Barbell includes a snap ring design, 16.25" of loadable sleeve surface, and completed with bronzed bushings.


• 28mm steel shaft with black zinc coating for durability
• Tensile strength of 205,000 psi
• Hard-coated 16.25"-long sleeve with bronze bushings
• Knurl pattern provides grip without being too abrasive
• Dual grip knurl marks with no center knurling

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20KG Comp Barbell Black Zinc Coated




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